Monday, August 8, 2016

Meet Rishi Dinani - my Student of the Month for July 2016


Meet Rishi Dinani, the happy-go-lucky young man who is our normal young, grinning kid next door - honest, humble and hard working. Rishi shares some amusing and amazing moments of his life with Student Mentor, Sonali Brahma (me) today. Read to know how you can be successful too, if you decide to woo luck through hard and smart work.


1.     When did you pass out from ISC? Indira School of Communication 
Technically in 2013 but I started working in Dec 2012

2.     How would you describe yourself as, then? (Friendly, happy go lucky, carefree)
Was happy go lucky and I got lucky :p. I started working with a very open mind and with minimum baggage which really helped.

3)  Did you have any career goals back then?
Not really, career goals at that moment were very clich√©. I was having an interest in the creative side of things and wanted to be a part of a brand's success story make it big in the Advertising world with specific interest in the client servicing side. 

4) Was Sokrati your dream company? Had you planned to work for the digital


Not at all, me and Sokrati were very new in 2012, the company was a start-up . Honestly hadn't even heard about Sokrati. I was very curious digital marketing and the scope around specially because I was reading a lot about it and had a chance to work on it for a client during my internship.

5) How did you get into Sokrati? Was it difficult? Challenging?
Got in through a job listing on, Oh yes! It was difficult I had given too many interviews before Sokrati and kind off cracked most of the interviews, didn't pick up any as I was getting paid less than what I made during my internship and yes I was the highest paid intern in my entire batch 15K. All this got me puffed in my head and when I had like 3-4 grilling sessions at Sokrati I was like, I don't want to join this company at all, I also thought I would not crack the interview but then I did it. 

6) Are you still with them?

7) What is your current title and role in Sokrati?
Manager- Business Development 

8) How did you manage to rise so fast there? What qualities in you do you attribute      your success to?
                      A simple mantra, have an open mind and leave all your past baggage outside the door.               

9) Do you believe, one cannot have fun when you get out of college and into a job?   Why or why not?
No I don't, you need to like what you do and most important you should be willing to do some work. You cannot expect to just have fun without giving your 100% to the job.

10) Any tips to students in the digital industry?
      Just know your basics and you will do well.

11) Any tips to students to stay focused on their careers?
Please be patient and humble. Even If you spend a year in your first job and you realize it’s not for you, that's fine! You have your entire life in front of you and trust me no experience is a waste. 


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