Saturday, November 14, 2015

A woman #madeofgreat

In her early seventies now, this is a woman who is #madeofgreat. Right from her college days she has learnt to fight against destiny and the challenges life throw at her. Nothing it seems, came to her on a platter, nothing came to her, 'easy'.

She nursed her mother back to health from a debilitating illness when she was a mere 19 years. She faced intense resistance from her parents, when she decided to marry the man she loved. She lost her father to the claws of destiny a day before her son was born. She went through the pangs of uncertainty and fear when doctors expressed the possibility of her son being born deformed (the good part was, he was born normal). She lost her husband to alcohol and later to fate. She lost her son to his own psychological fears.

Having lost so much, the question is, how did she keep sane? And how did she become a woman of mettle, of steel, a woman #madeofgreat?

She did. Because, instead of giving back to destiny and life, the injustice hurled at her, she gave back love, smiles, kindness and joy.

She protected her children from an alcoholic home by staying strong and giving love and security. She relentlessly pursued the path of freedom from alcohol for her husband, without feeling let down, or angry or depressed. She loved her son back many times more than he withdrew from her, she gave kindness to the families who needed warmth and support most by taking shifts as an attendant in hospitals - voluntarily and willingly, because she had been through hell and back and knew how difficult it is to manage meagre human resources when a loved one is in hospital for days.

She was always there for her children's special occasions, even as they grew to be middle aged and she, old.

Even as she prepares for the final journey, she wants to be there for those who could use her healthy organs and live a better life.

She is an amazing woman and a real one. A woman who has and keeps on inspiring me to be a better, stronger and happier human being with every deed of hers. She is truly a woman #madeofgreat. They don't make women like her, on a large scale. I am glad she is such an important part of my life.