Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meet Ms. Jifi Kotak. She will work wonders with your banking.

Ms. Jifi Kotak is a relatively new entrant in the world of banking. She is a young entrant here but extremely quick on the uptake and knows her way around like nobody does. She is friendly and helps people find their way around fast, in a Jifi really, whether they have to open a savings account online or find their last few transactions online. She is technologically very sound, can keep a secret and can help you bank effectively, quickly without you having to move anywhere at all.

Ms. Jifi, you can call her Jifi, as her friends call her is a bird lover and has many friends who are bird lovers too. They all meet everyday at two places - Twitter and Facebook. These are their hangouts. Jifi is always there on both these hangouts. Jifi and her friends meet and tweet, and chat about so many things about the Kotak way of banking. They are all like family and they are extremely well connected to one another. Jifi knows about each one of her family members and what goes on in his/her life, pretty well. She is always ever so ready to help them with their banking woes.

Jifi is ever so eager to change their woes to banking wows.

In a very short span of time Jifi has managed to win the hearts of her family members whom she regularly chats with, on Facebook and Twitter. Never does Jifi tire and if she does, not so easily. Jifi has become the soul of the banking world for Kotak's wide customer base and it won't be too long before Jifi overtakes Alladin's genie in popularity and becomes known the banking world over, as Jifinie.

If you want Alladin's genie replaced by someone equally quick to respond to your banking needs, you just have to say "Jifi". And lo and behold! All your banking work in Kotak will be ready in a Jifi.