Sunday, July 13, 2014

Parent/Adult/Child - what does your profile pic say about you?

When you post a baby's profile pic as your own, you are giving away your state of mind. A baby pic says 'Hey, I am still a child, treat me like one'. And you get what you have asked for.
You can get manipulated, cajoled , convinced, chided but can never get your way around. Sad!
If you show yourself as a parent and your pic looks like you are talking down to your network with a holier than thou expression and a smirk, you will have people running away.
The Adult pic is the normal leveled pic which portrays you just the way you would like to look at your age, designation and experience. Your network will see you as normal and without baggage or hangups.
It is important how you are seen. That will decide whether your network acknowledges you.
That will decide if your network wants to work with a child or parent. Or they want an adult.
Don't treat your profile pic as child's play.
Make your profile pic your business.

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