Monday, October 22, 2012

Like a little known girl to the Cinderella of Pune West
Bavdhan in the wish-list of the rich.

Five years back, Bavdhan was unheard of as a dream destination for home buyers in Pune. The only place people spoke about was Chandani Chowk the hangout/eatout/outing. People travelled to this chowk or square on weekends in hordes, on bikes and cars to spend a magical evening under a starlit canopy of the dark blue night sky. Garden Court and Banjara Hills were the restaurants one would go to, if you were looking for an alternative to KP (Koregaon Park).

Today, Bavdhan has climbed up the charts to be among the top few bestsellers on the wanna-have list of home buyers. It did, earlier, face stiff competition from the likes of an Aundh and a Baner, which managed to win the cream of the lot for its proximity to the Hinjewadi IT Park. But as these places started getting crowded, people started eyeing Bavdhan with increased interest.

Placed at the junction of the Express Highway, the Pirangut road, the wide, smooth, uncrowded NDA-Pashan Road and Paud Road leading you to the city, Bavdhan is fast gaining popularity as
the preferred residential destination.

On one side the undulating greens of the lush hills and on the other the urbane glitz of the high rises, Bavdhan is tempting a diverse populace. While it is becoming the abode of choice for Gen Y – the IT nouveau rich, it is also a second home, to those who are moving to a larger house from Kothrud and Aundh. What is however defining Bavdhan’s status in the property market is the fancy it has caught with the premium class of buyers- Mumbaiities, NRIs and expats, both investors and residents.

There is something about this place that is on the fringes of Pune city, a natural charm that keeps the rush hour out of your hair and allows you to revel in the dawn of bird songs, while making it possible to zip to a Mumbai in less than 3 hours flat; it’s like having your cake and eating it too. Nestled amidst three hills on its south, east and west and the scenic Pashan Lake in the north, Bavdhan has witnessed gradual growth in the form of planned development. It is strategically located on NDA Road, the centre of Aundh and Kothrud - both well-developed suburbs.

A quick drive in the still-green avenues reveals a smattering of yuppie brands that have set up shop here – Dominoes, Smoking Joes, Naturals Ice Cream, CafĂ© Chokolade, More, Reliance and more in the pipeline including Big Bazaar. The increasing fine dining restaurants like Ambrosia, Oasis, Bohemian, Up and Above, Trikaya, Nebula have people spoilt for choice. All schools, locals and international schools and colleges right from a Symbiosis to a Sanskriti, to the Mahindra World Business School are within a radius of 10 km, with buses plying to the door step. Commercial and industrial areas like the Hinjewadi IT and Biotech Park, Pirangut

Industrial Area, Pimpri Chinchwad MIDC are at a comfortable driving distance. Daily essentials from groceries to hospitals serve the area well. People are shifting to Bavdhan from Baner Road, Aundh and Kothrud, because of better living.

Bavdhan has witnessed an increase in residential values in the Jan-Mar 2012 quarter compared to the previous quarter. The current per square feet rate at Bavdhan ranges from INR 4,700 to 5,100.

Little wonder then that Bavdhan has a spread of premium properties from every known builder of the city.

isleroyale by Gera offers bungalows from 3400 to 5700 sq. ft. priced between INR 2 crore and 4 crore for the privileged few.

Selva Ridge from Marvel Realtors, a gated community spread across 22 acres comes attached with a 10- acre forest reserve. With the forest reserve and open spaces covering 92% of the property, Marvel Selva Ridge Estate offers a refreshing break from the concrete jungle.

Gloria from Paranjape Builders is another premium project vying for a share of the property market pie. The Paranjape legacy combines with ultra-modern design and Gloria takes shape.

Iris from SKYi is a departure from convention in the brick and mortar category. Iris is a home that gives you a feeling of space of light, wind, ether, all the five elements. When you know that you are living in a home that gives you all this, rest assured that it’s an i-home. Like the one you have at Iris, Bavdhan.

These homes come for a price but are worth every penny spent for the lavishness they bestow on their residents. Penthouses, private infinity pools, private forest reserves, you wish it and it’s there.

With so much to offer on a platter, Bavdhan is upping its ante for certain. And while it may not have reached to the stature of its Eastern cousin KP, it is slowly and steadily getting there. Bavdhan in the near years to come is definitely going to be a residential destination to write home about.

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