Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Danone Yoghurt TVC - From yum to yuk in 30 seconds flat

For someone who regards yoghurt as ‘soul food’, Danone (the French yoghurt brand) the fruity yoghurt was a gastronomic delight and a delight for the soul. I was happy when after hours of hunting around the likes of Spencer’s, Food Bazaar, etcetera, I spotted the yoghurt brand at my next door kirana wala. Now, supply would match demand and i would never have to ‘search’ for Danone again.

As i started digging into the Danone strawberry yoghurt tub, i switched on the tube. And what I saw there made me shudder in disgust.

The Danone TVC was on air, with some weird characters straight out of a horror animated film singing something alien to God knows who and God knows for what. The weird looking characters made from the yoghurt tubs had fat lips and looked quite gross.
Why on earth was such a delicious tasting yogurt brand converted into such awful creatures? Who would want to eat it when one saw it in its ugly insect avatars on telly??? The agency has overlooked the fact that a food brand should always look inviting; it should look so tempting that the viewer should want to go and pick it off from the TV itself.

But alas! Here was the polar opposite. Danone had become from yum to yuk in 30 seconds flat. The brand had managed to kill itself and my appetite in one sweeping stroke of film.

Will someone please take it off the air and replace it with some yummy TVC!!


  1. Wow...aptly sums up the power of Television and how it can be a boon or bane, if not used strategically :)

    nice one..