Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recipe for a great ad

Ad khichdi - On a platter.

Once upon a time, when I was a fresh faced, young copywriter, my boss told me a secret to keep clients happy. Said he, "Always have two ideas - one for your client and one for his customer'. Confused thoroughly, asked I of him, "Sir, but doesn't the client want what his customer wants?"

The boss replied haughtily, "You will find out soon".

Off we went to the client with two ideas. One for him and one for his customer. We put both on the table. The client peered at them from above his rimless peepers. He looked at one, then at another. Then again at the first one and then the second. Then after a precious 60 minutes had flown from the clock above his head, he looked at us and gave his verdict. "I like the visual in this. But I like the line in that. Now go and put these two together and make me a third. "

My boss looked at me and I at him. We both nodded knowingly. Picked up the two ads, went back and like seasoned chefs got down to cooking the khichdi. We chopped and added, and added and chopped, then blended it all together and lo and behold! The khichdi was ready.

The client looked at it, stroked his French beard and smiled. "Now, you have got it", said he.
We beamed. We had done it. Yet again.

Rustled up the perfect ad khichdi. Loved by the client. My boss. His boss. And the client's customer............hopefully.


  1. Well done, Sonali. That was a good beginning. Looking forward to reading your blogposts regularly. Happy blogging! :)

  2. true!! its always what the client wants, Smita